PDH’S Diverse Litigation Practice

We represent companies in negotiated settlements, arbitrations, trials and appeals—in both federal and state courts. Multiple party, multiple forum issues where deciding the optimal forum (Federal Court, State Court or Arbitration) and the jurisdiction (Texas or some other state; USA or a foreign country) are always carefully analyzed. The types of disputes we become involved in are diverse and include:

Business Disputes and Complex Litigation.  Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s business dispute resolutions include shareholder, partner, and joint venture type disputes over ownership, control, buyout, management, fiduciary duty, and similar issues.

Construction Disputes, Including Construction Defect Lawsuits.  Construction dispute resolutions range from change order, back charge, and scope of work disputes, to work interference claims, to construction defect and onsite accidents, insurance company refusals to defend or pay, to collection of retainage, filing/collecting of mechanic’s liens, and litigating lien priorities.

Personal Injury Defense Litigation.  A major focus of our litigation practice is the representation of our self-insured and large self-insured retention clients in personal injury matters.  Over the years, we have represented self-insureds in a wide variety of cases, including:  Automobile and Trucking accidents, Construction accidents, Construction defect claims and lawsuits, Product liability suits, and Texas nonsubscription claims and lawsuits under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act.

Employment Disputes.  Employment law dispute resolutions include: statutory rights, common law claims, and plain breach of contract issues; noncompete, noncircumvention, trade secret/proprietary information issues; and disputes involving shareholder rights, options, bonuses, and buyout provisions.

Intellectual Property Law Disputes, Including Trademarks and Misuse of Confidential Information.  Intellectual property law dispute resolutions range from trademark, Lanham Act disputes including litigation over assignment, licensing, abandonment and related issues.

Real Estate Litigation.  Real Estate dispute resolutions include title issues, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, earnest money contracts and escrow disputes, lien priorities and subrogation issues, option issues, and lease disputes including calculation of additional rents.

Product Liability Litigation.  Product liability dispute resolutions range from bodily injury claims to claims involving third party property damage, and may involve insurance companies’ refusal to defend or pay or where insurance companies agree to defend under reservation of rights or non-waiver of rights letters.