PDH Mission Statement & Vision

PDH Mission Statement

  • Understanding our clients and their ownership and management structures, the industries in which they provide products and/or services, and their unique needs;
  • Empowering our clients by providing legal resources that normally only a very large corporation would be able to afford, all at a cost that make sense for growing businesses;
  • Achieving creative, practical & effective legal solutions; and
  • Working hard for both the success of our clients and our firm.

PDH Service Structure

PDH offers a structure to meet the needs of our clients.  Our transactional practices combine experience and legal understanding with solid business acumen to provide advice tailored specifically to businesses. With respect to our litigation practice, far-seeing counseling, crafting protective policies and negotiating reasonable compromise are where we begin, but if we go to court or arbitration, we go to win.

My General Counsel

Many PDH business clients consider us their outside general counsel.  These companies require legal services on a regular basis, but find that the services of full time, in-house lawyers cannot be justified from a financial perspective.  Further,  because of the many and varying services and types of legal expertise required for companies to compete in today's marketplace, our clients choose to depend on the wide array of backgrounds that form the core of our firm.