Personal Injury Litigation Defense, Including Self-Insured Defense Representation

In addition to its otherwise extensive litigation practice, a major focus of PDH is servicing its self-insured and large self-insured retention clients. Over the years, we have represented self-insureds in a wide variety of cases, including: (1) Automobile and Trucking accidents; (2) Construction accidents; (3) Construction defect claims and lawsuits; (4) Product liability; and (5) Texas nonsubscription claims and lawsuits under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act

We understand the importance of providing the best possible defense of our clients in an efficient and cost effective manner. We work closely with the client contact responsible for the handling of the case in the planning of the defense strategy. We communicate regularly as the case develops. We constantly evaluate the case exposure. When appropriate, we advise the client of opportunities for resolving the matter through summary procedures or settlement. 

However, in those instances where a trial is the best option, we have the experience and the courage to try the case. Yes, we say “courage” because we know there are many so-called litigators who are unwilling to take a case to verdict. 

Self-insurance is a risk management method in which a calculated amount of money is set aside to compensate for potential future loss. When a company is self-insured, therefore, rather than spending money on premiums to pay for insurance coverage, they set aside money to cover anything unforeseen that may come up. 

By concentrating its practice in representation of self-insured and large retention entities, the firm's attorneys and other professional staffers can apply their expertise to clients' core business operations in areas such as accident investigations and risk management.