Why Clients Hire PDH

Business Lawyers First.

Since 1987, from our downtown Houston, Texas offices, we have lived by our motto: Business Lawyers First. Our clients primarily include businesses that are owned by original founders, families, management teams, and/or private equity groups.

PDH Understands its Clients’ Businesses and Industry Sectors.

We take the time to gather a deep understanding of our clients' businesses—including their respective industry sectors, competition, cultures and business plans. We don't just give "standard" legal analysis-instead we partner with our clients to find successful business solutions and strategies. We focus on legal solutions that make sound business sense.

Experience Counts.

Our firm's partners, associates, contract lawyers, paralegals/law clerks and support staff have varying experiences and abilities. The majority of our lawyers have 20+ years of experience. Many of our firm's lawyers are business and/or industry leaders themselves, having owned and operated businesses, sat on Boards of Directors, acted as in-house general counsel for private and publicly traded companies, and trained business owners and managers on a variety of topics through lectures, seminars, articles, and web based training sessions.

Unique Service Structure.

We offer a structure to meet the needs of our clients. Our collective insight and experience allows us to offer expertise in advising businesses, helping them grow, and successfully resolving those disputes they may encounter.  

Our transactional practices combine experience and legal understanding with solid business acumen to provide advice tailored specifically to businesses. With respect to our litigation practice, far-seeing counseling, crafting protective policies and negotiating reasonable compromise are where we begin, but if we go to court or arbitration, we go to win.

My General Counsel.

Many of our clients consider us as My General Counsel. These companies require legal services on a regular basis, but find that the services of full time, in-house lawyers cannot be justified from either a financial perspective or because of the many and varying services and types of legal expertise required for companies to compete in today's marketplace. This structure further allows them to spend less time managing multiple law firms and benefit from our expanded understanding of their business and goals.