The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act ("PACA") promotes fair trading in the market for fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables.  It also provides methods for the enforcement of contracts and the recovery of funds to a seller in the industry.  Having a complete understanding of how to operate under PACA is essential to both enforce the unique powers of the law, and to avoid the sharp end of the stick that PACA provides to a seller of perishable agricultural commodities.  PDH provides legal counsel to clients subject to PACA, including growers, brokers, and retailers, and guides these clients through the potential minefield of regulations in order to fully utilize PACA to further their business goals.

Services Provided:

Business Transactions
Collection of Receivables
Collection from Bankrupt Entities
Compliance with Regulatory Restrictions
Litigation and Arbitration
Mitigation of Risk and Product Loss
PACA Trust Protection and Enforcement

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