The PDH Litigation Section Timely and Successfully Resolves a State of Texas Sales Tax Final Assessment of $1.0 Million in Unpaid Sales Taxes

Receiving a last minute request by a PDH firm client, Marty Hill and Philip Racusin of PDH assisted in the successful resolution of a final assessment of nearly $1.0 million in unpaid sales tax.  The PDH team sprang into action to identify relevant documents and issues and coordinated with a qualified expert team of previously utilized specialists to save the client over 60% of the final assessment for less than $35,000 in total legal, accounting and expert fees.   This is representative of the BUSINESS LAWYERS FIRST theme which does not necessarily require that PDH have employees to perform all aspects of every business/governmental dispute.   PDH has substantial experience with most problems suffered by business ranging from $5 million to $500 million in sales, so we can quickly assemble a team from within, and, when necessary, from outside PDH, to quickly and effectively solve problems at very reasonable costs to the client.