Commercial & Construction Collections

Since our inception in 1987, PDH has collected for companies by way of litigation and arbitration proceedings, lien filings, and legally permissible means of self-help. PDH utilizes professional, business-minded, systematized, and aggressive attorneys to effectively collect money for our clients. Our attorneys also have a deep knowledge and understanding of the businesses that hire us for collection matters, which makes a tremendous difference in the collection outcomes for our clients.

Companies for whom we have made collection recoveries include:

  • Business to business suppliers;
  • Suppliers to residential, commercial (including multi-family), and industrial construction projects;
  • Multiple tiered construction subcontractors;
  • General contractors;
  • Suppliers of appliances, maintenance items, and landscaping services to apartment complexes;
  • Large electricity vendors; and
  • Produce shippers and growers.

PDH breaks out its collection practice into four sub-sections:

  1. Commercial Collections
  2. Construction Supplier and Subcontractor Collections
  3. Apartment Supplier Collections
  4. Produce Supplier Collections

The services we provide in the areas of commercial, construction, apartment supplier and produce supplier collections include the following:

  • Business to business supply or services lawsuit filings
  • Supplier and subcontractor to contractor and owner lawsuit filings
  • Supplier to apartment complex lawsuit filings
  • Large electricity vendor lawsuit filings
  • Produce shippers and growers lawsuit filngs
  • Supplier and subcontractor to contractor and owner construction lien filings
  • Supplier to apartment complex lien filings
  • Pre-judgment garnishments
  • Post-judgment garnishments
  • Pre-judgment sequestrations
  • Abstracts of Judgment
  • Writs of Execution
  • Involuntary Bankruptcy filings on behalf of one or more creditors of a particular debtor