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Litigation lawyers come in several types. Many lawyers are more interested in "milking the case," assigning work to associates, and "feeding the beast" as a former large law firm partner once put it, than in timely and efficiently resolving client problems. Fortunately, most good lawyers are not of that flavor. Even some good lawyers, however, assume that they understand the client's dispute based on prior case experience, without the necessity of carefully listening to the facts of the client's specific dispute. Other lawyers serve as cheerleaders for the client's factual claims with unbridled enthusiasm, ignoring the fit between the "wrongs" and any legitimate legal cause of action. Both of these types of lawyers usually bill hard until the eve of trial when they realize that the actual evidence does not fit any legal cause of action pled, at which point they push their client to settle. We are proud that the lawyers at PDH absolutely do not fall into this category.

We strive to listen carefully to all of the relevant facts, for it is often true that the rousing wrong is not the single best road to recovery under applicable law. We share the necessary elements of each potential cause of action with our clients in order to evaluate and develop the necessary evidence. Also, by understanding our clients, we are better able to develop such evidence and help in pre-litigation planning. If litigation is the best option, we efficiently and creatively choose the path that best achieves our clients’ goals. We understand that our objective as true business counselors is to choose the most cost effective route to the best outcome for our clients.  Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each case, developing an attorney-client relationship of trust, and handling each matter within a common sense budget epitomizes the PDH litigation philosophy.

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