Commercial Collections

Business collections is an important part of every business.  Companies need a reliable firm who will place the emphasis on collections that is needed enabling the company to recover what is rightly owed to it promptly and cost efficiently.  The PDH collection strategies and procedures have proven to be more effective and cost efficient than those used by other law firms and collection agencies.  Compared to companies that hire commercial collection attorneys with little knowledge of their clients’ businesses, we put priority on timely and cost effective collection and give proper consideration to the possibility of claims of offset, back charges, or a counterclaim.  We also find that many companies default to commercial collection agencies for their collection matters, because it is the “easy” route to follow, without realizing that they are neither regulated, state specific, nor industry specific.  Further, the you don’t collect you don’t pay mantra of collection agencies makes them money at the expense of their clients, as the agency either (a) collects the balance due without much work, in which case the agency keeps a significant portion of the monies (resulting in a net loss to the client), or (b) if the agency does not immediately collect the debt, they move on to another file, leaving the client with little chance of recovery.

We make use of a variety of means for collecting debts on behalf of our clients including: drafting demand letters; perfecting mechanic’s and materialmen liens and bond claims where appropriate; pursuing statutory and contractual rights to collect interest and attorneys fees; determining which matters require mediation and arbitration rather than litigation; pursuing claims in bankruptcy; and pursuing litigation in all Texas state and federal courts.

We offer a variety of fee arrangements depending on the type of collection matter, thereby allowing us to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.  Alternative fee arrangements include flat fees based on activities, hourly rates, contingency fees, and blended hourly/contingency fees.