As business owners address the leadership succession needs of their companies, their thoughts often turn to the needs of their families in the event of death. While everyone knows they should have a will, consideration should be given with respect to assets that do not pass under the will so that the decedent's full plan comes about.

At PDH Law, our firm assists our clients with the preparation of wills and other estate planning matters, and leads them through the probate process upon the occurrence of a death. Such probate proceedings can involve handling a straightforward probate proceeding and transfer of assets from a husband’s estate to his wife, to handling an heirship proceeding where a decedent failed to have a will, to handling a family dispute over a will.

In addition to traditional estate planning, PDH also helps clients prepare their businesses for events that otherwise could cripple or destroy a life’s work in a moment’s notice. We call this Business Legacy Planning. Sudden events such as the death or disability of a partner, shareholder or key employee, a divorce, or other event that creates a need for immediate change, can be anticipated and planned for in advance so that subsequent generations can continue the work that was started or continued by their predecessors.


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