My General Counsel

The PDH My General Counsel program is premised on the notion “that it is not what you [the client] don't know that hurts, as you can always hire the appropriate professional. Instead, it is what you don't know that you don't know that hurts, for you are simply unaware of the risk.”

Only through “knowing your business” do we anticipate problems and proactively minimize the risk PDH clients face. Because we concentrate on representing businesses, we draw upon not only our knowledge of the law but also the vicarious wisdom from representing hundreds since 1987. We call what we do for those clients whose businesses we “know” as our My General Counsel program.

PDH offers business-centric legal advice to our clients. As our representation and relationships with a particular business grows, we oftentimes find ourselves serving as that company’s outside general counsel. For these PDH clients there is also one central point of contact regarding every legal matter and question. No more calls from branch offices wondering who they should talk to concerning a legal issue.


Does this sound like your company? You have a business plan targeting a steep growth curve because of an anticipated business opportunity, or to seize the market before your larger competition moves into your niche. Fast paced growth means the executive team will be performing multiple functions that will evolve rapidly. You will be growing your business in an environment that always seems short on people and hours in the day. Training a lawyer (or worse multiple lawyers) about your business, culture and employees will be cumbersome and extremely expensive. Your company is a candidate for My General Counsel services—helping from the start-up stage, adapting to the 24/7 growth pace of your business.

Or, your business is a developing small to midsize company where the CEO/CFO has performed the function of “in-house” general counsel. But the growth and complexity of your enterprise—not to mention the executive time and resources—dictate that it’s time to turn over those duties to a trusted advisor. My General Counsel is a perfect solution.

Or, your company has hired firms on a project/case basis; but you find yourself constantly training law firm partners and associates about your business, your people and, most importantly, your business objectives. You never quite get comfortable that the legal services you enlist best fit your business objectives. So you’re ready for consistency and dependability when choosing a law firm. My General Counsel is the answer.


Before hiring PDH, many of our clients sought a seasoned counsel that could help on a variety of topics, yet was savvy enough to know when to seek discrete expertise from outside law firms if the need arose. But realistically, many clients also understood that if you can find such a person, the salary, staff and benefits for just one in-house attorney and his or her assistant could exceed $400,000 annually. By using My General Counsel, they were able to lower their business risk, gain the benefits of in-house counsel, and reap the efficiencies of a trusted advisor—all without having to commit to a significant capital investment.


Through My General Counsel, we help PDH clients implement systems with regard to contract review, employment handbooks, trade secret protection and collection procedures. These systems and our cost-effective services enable our clients to make their enterprises more efficient and reduce their legal risk at the same time.

In particular, My General Counsel services include:

  • Contract review, negotiation and preparation
  • Real estate needs required by businesses
  • Human Resources (hiring, retention and termination)
  • Insurance
  • Executive compensation (Option plans, phantom stock)
  • Collections
  • Financing
  • Corporate governance
  • Venture capital/Private placement
  • Acquisitions and sales
  • Litigation
  • Trade secret protection

In addition to these services, My General Counsel has a network of relationships with experts that have assisted PDH clients in areas such as tax planning, patent prosecution, immigration services for executives and technologists, and white collar crime matters. When the need arises, PDH has a network of experts to help.

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