On Saturday, February 15th, we along with The Rotary Club of Houston Skyline & Pepperdine Houston Waves joined for a morning of service at Spring Forward Day at Houston Hope Center.

We accomplished a number of indoor and outdoor projects:
* Cleaning up and adding flowers to courtyard (HUGE thanks to Koy Murphy for leading)
* Removing overgrowth & sprucing up entrance to courtyard by transplanting rose bushes
* Assembly of 200+ hygiene kits for Hope Center to hand out (HUGE thanks to Amie Parker and Samantha Holsomback for leading)
* Installing door in the middle of shipping container (HUGE thanks to Thomas Murphy and JFM Services Inc.), and organizing items stored in it
* Moving 100+ boxes of clothing to be donated to local shelter
* Installing shelving and organizing blankets
* Variety of other projects that will lift up Hope Center Houston in their offering of basic human services to the homeless.