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We are proud of our President & Senior Shareholder KENT PAGEL for speaking to the National Association of Homebuilders at its Building Systems Housing Summit in Pittsburgh on October 7, 2019 on the topic of “Managing Risks in an Increasingly Complex Offsite Construction Market”.

Mr. Pagel knows component manufacturing extremely well, and was previously inducted into the HALL OF FAME of the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA).

Mr. Pagel has served as national counsel for the SBCA aka The Wood Truss Council of America since 1994, the Engineered Wood Products Association, and the Truss Manufacturers Association of Texas. He is also a regular writer and lecturer on liability (including construction defect litigation), risk management, and insurance issues facing companies in the construction industry.


As a manufacturer, builder or supplier of pre-fabricated building components, where do your legal obligations begin and end? When your company’s products are under attack, who should you talk to and what should you say or not say? Kent Pagel, a 25-year construction law veteran and the Structural Building Components Association’s legal counsel about various issues currently impacting the industry. Want to learn more how you can successfully confront them without exposing yourself to greater risk?