Sometimes it is hard to ask for help and sometimes you might not even know you need help until it is too late. Attorneys and clients faced with critical moments in a trial, or attempting to reverse or uphold a trial court judgment may be in that situation and could greatly benefit from calling in an appellate advocate to assist.

10… It’s a Different World – The appeals process, the rules, and procedures are different on appeal than they are at the trial level, thus the skill set needed is different than a typical trial attorney may have.

9… Issues make the Case – In trying to reverse an unfavorable judgment, spotting the issues to be presented on appeal is a crucial skill that will give you the highest chance of getting the best result

8… Get a Fresh Perspective – Even a skilled trial attorney who has been living a case for years can be too close to a case. The appeals court will be viewing your issues for the first time, so enlisting an appellate advocate to help in that process will give you the fresh perspective that you will need in order to put the best face on your case.

7…This May Be Your Last Chance – The Supreme Court of Texas and the US Supreme Court do not have to take your case, so do everything possible to win on the Courts of Appeal level.

6… Know the Rules – You need someone experienced with the rules and procedures unique to an appeal.

5… Get a Second Opinion – Talk to an appellate advocate to determine if an appeal is right for you.

4… Writing Matters!

3… Writing Matters!

2… Writing Matters!

1… Writing Matters! – Most appeals are decided on the briefs. Being an effective writer is one of the most important skills to look for in an attorney handling your appeal. Ask to see writing samples!

If you are considering hiring an appellate attorney, have strength and experience in your corner and consider PDH Law!